Heard of Live Succulent Nail Art yet?

Succulent nail art is the coolest thing on social media nowadays.  It has been trending on Instagram since come weeks now, so as a nail enthusiast you must have come across it.  But have you also heard of live succulent nail art?

Australian artist and succulent enthusiast, Roz Borg, takes succulent art to the next level by creating distinct and creative nails from live succulents.  She takes real plants and glues them onto her fingernails, creating colorful nail art.

To achieve the perfect effect, Borg glues succulents onto a false nail using Oasis floral adhesive.  Once the nail is dry, the artist attaches the nail onto her own with nail glue.

Borg is very enthusiastic about horticulture and has taken her love for plants to jewelry, terrariums and now nails.  She has created a perfect “mani”, a living one, many claim. She told Huffington Post that she wanted to take her succulent jewelry making process to nails, but couldn’t find any help on the internet, and so decided to do some experiments herself.

The results: people seem to love it.  Some also find it gross, but the majority is delighted to see something new and creative.  “People are stunned when they realize it’s real live plants, not 3D sculpting”.

Fortunately, the plants don’t go to a waste.  When nails start to chip, the succulents can safely be plated, the artist affirms.

The technique may require extra time and effort, but is totally worth the time for a creative and unique look.  Moreover, everyone may not be able to do it, but some appreciation is definitely in order!