We recommend going sparkly on Christmas Eve

We have shortlisted three super sparkly and easy nail art designs for you to shine on Christmas Eve:

Sparkly Gold and Black Ombré Mani:



  • Apply glitter:  While the black paint is still slightly wet, dip the tip of your finger into a pot of loose glitter and pat on the tips of your nail.  Then continue towards the middle to achieve the ombré effect.2
  • Apply top coat:  Finish with a top coat.  Start near the cuticle, and gently pull the clear coat towards the tip of your nail.

Pink Sparkly Ombré Mani:



  • Apply Glitter:  Apply a glitter that is primarily pink.  Make sure the brush does not have access polish on it; you only really need glitter on the brush.  Apply to your nail three-fourths of the way down to the tip of your nail.


  • Build Gradation:  Using the same polish, swipe glitter from the halfway point of your nail to the tip, building gradation.


  • Concentrate edges:  Pat the tip of the nail only with the same glitter polish, finishing off the ombré effect.



Perfect Party Mani

  • Paint:  Apply a base coat, and paint your nails with two coats of a full-coverage gold glitter polish, something like Nails Inc. Chelsea Embankment.  Start applying the polish from one side to the other, creating an arch over where the moon of your nail naturally is.


  • Clean up the half-moon:  You can use an eyeliner brush dipped in acetone-based polish remover to make the semi-circle of the half moon perfect.




  • Apply top coat:  Finish with your favorite top coat.party-5

Source: Cosmopolitan.com